H05-RRF TRS Rubber Flex

H05RR-F Cables
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H05-RRF TRS Rubber Flex

Rubber cable for light mechanical stress and hand-held devices used in households, kitchens, offices

H05RR-F, HAR-certified, power and control cable for household and hand-held devices, rubber, braided conductor class 5/flexible, indoor use, flame-retardant

Light mechanical stress



H05-RRF TRS Rubber Flex

H05-RRF Benefits

Type-compliant versions <HAR> certified with the "<HAR>" testing and certification mark for accelerated granting of approvals if final application of cable is within the European CENELEC area

Application range

Hand-held and power supply devices according to EN 50565-2
For lightweight workshop tools that are subject to light loads
According to EN 50565-2: Dry and damp rooms; only temporary use outdoors; not for industrial/commercial or agricultural facilities, except tailors' workshops; not suitable for connection to industrial power tools
Light & sound technology

Product features


300 / 500 V rated

-25 oC to +60 oC

Norm references / Approvals

<HAR> type certification according to EN 50525-2-21

Product Make-up

Bare copper stranded wire according to HAR standard
Core insulation: Rubber compound, type EI 4
Outer sheath: Rubber compound type EM 3

Additional information


2, 3, 4, 5

Cross Section (mm)

0.75, 1, 1.5, 2.5

Reel Size

50 Meters, 100 Meters


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