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Home Automation Cables – This category includes all of the common cables used in home automation and control , Everything from Lighting & heating control to door and gate access systems. Smart homes require smart cabling and this page should cover cables for those applications.

Cables Include:

Belden Equivalent Cables – Cables commonly used in door entry , Access control , Alarm systems , Lighting control include 8723 , 8761 , 8762 , 9538 ,9540 Belden equivalent cable styles.

Structured Wiring Ethernet Cables –  Category 5 ( Cat5) and Category 6 ( Cat6) cables are available in UTP and FTP versions and in PVC & LSZH sheath materials.

KNX Style Cables –  KNX style Cable – With the increase in demand for “green” building and intelligent building technology systems (IBTS) contribute to significant energy savings over time.

Lutron | Creston & Mode Lighting Systems – Lutron | Creston | Mode Style cables for smart home systems used for controlling  high end lighting systems in domestic and commercial applications.

Speaker & Coaxial Cables – Cables used for home Audio and TV systems



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