YY Cables

YY Cables

YY Cables 

YY Cables – Control Flex cables for industrial applications

Cables in this range are offered in PVC / PUR & LSOH sheath materials and are offered for both static and High flexing dynamic applications depending on your application requirements.

Olflex 110 – These YY cables have a PVC sheath and are designed for Static applications

Olflex 400P – This cable is a PUR sheathed control flex cable for static applications

Olflex 130H – Cables in this range have a  LSOH sheath and designed for static applications

Olflex FD810 – These cables are PVC sheathed high flexing dynamic application cables suitable for drag chains.

Olflex FD810P – This cable range is a PUR sheathed high flexing dynamic application cable suitable for drag chain use.

Olflex 191 – This cable range has a  PVC sheath and carries  UL & CSA approvals for use in American and Canadian markets

Olflex Tray II – This cable range is an enhanced PVC sheath with Tray ratings TC/ER  WTTC MTW and is suitable for American & Canadian use and is suitable for external use , Exposed run and direct burial applications.

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