Construction Cables

Construction cables – All cables in the construction category cover everything from external SWA cables to internal Twin & Earth and European equivalents through to flex’s and comms cables.

SWA – Steel Wire Armoured Cables suitable for external use and direct burial available in both XLPE /PVC BS5467 | 694XH  and XLPE / LSOH  BS6724 | 694LSZH sheath materials .

318 Flex’s – Flex’s in the Category include 318A Arctic grade to BS6500 | 318Y PVC flex to H05VV-F in Black & white Sheaths and 318B LSOH flex to H05v2v2-F .

Twin & Earth Cables – Cables used for the internal wiring of domestic homes , Offered in PVC 624Y and LSOH 6242BH

NYY & NYM-J – These cables are the European alternatives to those used in the UK for NYY is used as an Alternative to SWA in Europe although it does not carry any armour like the UK SWA does. NYM-J is used for internal wiring in Europe like our twin & earth cables.

Rubber Cables – We offer both the 450/750 V H07-RNF cables and the 300/500 V H05-RNF for external or internal uses.

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