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Water Treatment | Pumps | Bore Holes

Water Treatment Pump Cables 

Water Treatment Pump Cables – Cables in this category are used for connection to pumps used in bore holes or water treatment works and carry approvals associated with this industry

WRAS Approved Cables – This range of CLEAN CABLE are round  cables devoted for submersible pump motor feeders. It may be installed for a depth down to 250m suitable for both  dirty waters and drinking waters. The cable carries approvals from WRAS, ACS , KTW , DM174 making it suitable for many installation applications.

SWA Cables – Steel Wire Armoured – BS6724 SWA PVC BASEC 0.6/1kV Cable Stranded plain annealed copper conductors, XLPE insulated, PVC bedding, galvanized steel wire armor, LSF outer sheath. Black. 600/1000 volts grade to BS6724.

Rubber Cables – H07RN-F, HAR, power and control cable, rubber, heavy, 450/750 V, industrial and agricultural use, class 5/flexible -25°C to +60°C, oil-resistant, flame-retardant ,Medium mechanical stress , Oil-resistant

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