H07 RNF Rubber Cables

H07 RNF Benefits-For mechanically more demanding applications
1000 V AC protected + fixed installation,Arrangements made of single-core, rubber-sheathed cables H07RN-F can be used for short circuit-proof and short-to-ground-proof installations in accordance with IEC 60364-5-52/HD 60364-5-52/VDE 0100 part 520

Application range-Hand-held and power supply devices according to EN 50565-2 ,Medium, mechanical stress,Industrial, agricultural use,According to EN 50565-2: Use in dry, damp or wet rooms as well as for fixed installation e.g. on plaster

Product features- Flame-retardant according IEC 60332-1-2 , Oil-resistant according to EN 60811-404

Norm references / Approvals- <HAR> H07RN-F design certification according to EN 50525-2-21

Product Make-up-Bare copper stranded wire according to HAR standard
Core insulation: Rubber compound, type EI 4
Outer sheath: Rubber compound type EM 2

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  • H07-RNF Rubber cables
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    H07-RNF Rubber Cables

    H07-RNF - Rubber Cables

    Heavy standard construction Rubber CablesH07RN-F, HAR, power and control cable, rubber, heavy, 450/750 V, industrial and agricultural use, class 5/flexible -25°C to +60°C, oil-resistant, flame-retardantMedium mechanical stress Oil-resistant
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