Hook Up Wire

Hook Up Wire

Hook Up Wires

UL1007 – UL1007  PVC Hook Up Wires are designed and manufactured for the use of switch ,control metering, instrumentation panels and connections to motor starters and controllers. Conforming to UL1007 styles they are 300V and 80 degrees rated and carry UL Approvals.

UL1061 – UL1061 SR-PVC Hook Up Wire is a 80 Degree 300V rated SR PVC cable used in Internal wiring , Panel Wiring , Machine wiring , vehicle looms , vending machines and various electronic equipment

UL1007 / 1569 – This Bi rated Hook up wire carries both the UL1007 & UL1569 approvals and is therefore able to achieve the -30 / + 105 Degree temp rating. The cable is 300V rated and carries UL & CSA Approvals.

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