SY Cables – GSWB Armour Cables

SY Cables – GSWB Armour Cables are used in applications where a mechanical protection is required , They have a clear outer sheath making the Galvanised Steel Wire Braid visible.

SY Cable is designed for internal use and is not suitable for external or direct burial applications

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  • SY Control Flex Cables
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    SY Control Flex Cable

    SY Control Flex Cables 

    SY Control Flex Cables Application rangeProduct Make-upFine-wire strand made of bare copper wires PVC insulation Cores twisted in layers PVC inner sheath, grey Braid of galvanized steel wires PVC sheath, transparent
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  • SY Control Flex Cables | Olflex Classic 110SY
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    SY Control Flex Cable | Olflex Classic 110SY

    SY Control Flex Cable |  ÖLFLEX® Classic 110SY

    Lapp Olflex Classic 110 SY - Galvanized Steel Wire Braid  PVC control cable with transparent outer sheathÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 110 SY - PVC control cable, VDE-registered and with steel wire braiding. Flexible cable for various applications, nominal voltage: 300/500VSteel wire braiding for additional mechanical protection
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