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Coax Cables

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    CT 100 TV / Coax Cable

    CT 100 Coax Cable - Sky Satellite TV CablesĀ 

    The CT100 Coax is available as a single or Twin ( shotgun) constructionThe cable is commonly used on both SKY TV Satellite & SKY 63 systems and Virgin TVAvailable in Budget , Premium & CAI standards single CoaxTwin ( Shotgun ) Sky63 VersionsBlack or White Sheath
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    RG59 – CCTV Cable

    This RG59 cable is the most commonly used cable for CCTV systems and is offered in a variation of compounds including PVC , LSF , LSOH & PE depending on your specific installation and environmental requirements.We also offer Budget CCA ( Copper Clad steel) or Premium Bare Copper
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    RG6 Coax Cable 100 Mtrs

    RG6 Coax Cable

    This RG6 Coax cable is suitable for domestic household Satellite systems including Sky TVThis is sold on 100 Mtr reels only and so the price reflects a 100 Mtr reel.
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